Green Banana Drama with Marie Kelsall: 

1 hour classes

Classes at Topsham School are £45 for a ten week term.

Classes at the Barnfield are £60 for a ten week term.

Green Banana Drama Summer School

10 am - 1pm each day for five days £75 for the week.

Winter Workshop

Price dependent on how many days the workshops can run for before Christmas. 

Theatre Kidz With Marie Kelsall and Vicki Holwill:

1.5 hour classes 


Terms and Conditions:

  • Payment to be made within the first two weeks of term. 
  • If I am unable to deliver any of the classes for any reason you will receive, were possible, replacement classes or a full 100% refund of any classes missed.
  • Your child will stay enrolled until you give notice. I require 24 hours notice from the beginning date of each term or a charge of that class and any classes remaining until notice is given will be made.
  • Refunds can not be given for students missing classes once the term has started.  
  • Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss paying in instalments I am always happy to be accommodating.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss disruptive students without refund (Parents will usually have been made aware of the situation before it gets to that stage).

Please Note

We take the greatest care to ensure that the room is suitable and safe for all the work done and that the children, to the best of our capabilities, do not take risks with themselves or others. However drama is a physical activity and we do play physical games so there is a small risk of accident. Please be aware of this when you sign the consent form. 

Data protection

Green Banana Drama will never pass on your details to anyone else. We keep any information secure and confidential and destroy all information given to us after an appropriate time.